You've for a page where all of my interviews could be easily accessible. This is for you. Below are links to all of my interviews and guest blog posts, latest at the top, oldest at the bottom. I'll keep adding more as they come along.

HOW I MET KSENIA BY ADITYA THAKUR: "As I was walking down the road, the snow fell gloomily all around me and I ran into Ksenia..." Read More

LOCAL AUTHOR RECEIVES LIBRARY JOURNAL INDIE EBOOK AWARD: "Congratulations to Ksenia Anske, a Seattle-based author..." Read More

"CHTULHU ON A TRICYCLE" STORY IN TWISTED SISTER LIT MAG: "Cthulhu looked three years old, and he was riding a tricycle..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY NOT F*ING AROUND: "What is your creative mission? To give love. Books can drag us out of the darkest places..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY THIS IS WRITING: "Ksenia Anske, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself, your writing and books..." Read More

THE SILO: GUEST POST: "You have probably always wanted to write a book. You have probably tried to start writing it several times..." Read More

THE AMARANTH REVIEW: AUTHOR INTERVIEW: "Ksenia Anske's writing is both raw and fanatical. She dares to touch upon..."  Read More

BBC FUTURE: WHAT I LEARNT FROM MAKING A PLANE, SHIP AND TRAIN MY OFFICE: "Physical movement can make us more creative..." Read More

INTERVIEW ON MAGIC BY KEN HUGHES: "How did you know you wanted the kinds of magic you use in your writing?" Read More

INTERVIEW BY J. ELLYNE: "I was privileged to have the opportunity to to interview this lovely woman..." Read More

GUEST POST ON ADVERSITY FOR RON VITALE: "The only adversity you ever need to overcome is in your head..." Read More

GUEST POST FOR INKITT: "Advice I wish I was given when I started writing. 1. You will develop your own writing rules..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY UMAIRAH RADZI: "Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your background. A: Let's see. I was born in Russia, Moscow..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY JIM VINES: "Q: Ksenia...what made you become a writer? A: Oh, it's a very long story. The short version..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY BRAD MARLEY: "Brad: Why is writing so hard? Ksenia: Why is looking in the mirror so hard?" Read More

INTERVIEW BY RACHEL BELLE OF KIRO RADIO: "Amtrak's Residency for Writers lets 24 American writers write the American rails." Listen

PODCAST INTERVIEW BY ALEJANDRO GOMEZ: "This episode, I enter the cave of the wonderful, talented and beautiful soul..." Listen 

GUEST POST FOR MARIELLA HUNT: HOW ROSEHEAD CAME INTO BEING: "When I found Rosehead on Wattpad, it stood out as different..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY RAYMOND BOLTON: "Ksenia Anske is, without doubt, one of the most delightful authors I’ve had the pleasure to meet..." Read More

A TWEET, A TRAIN, & KSENIA ANSKE BY GABRIEL NOVO: "The name Ksenia Anske first came across my Twitter feed..." Read More

AUTHOR PROFILE BY THE SEATTLE GLOBALIST: "Ksenia Anske seems to have a respectable mantra for everything..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY BROOK COTTAGE BOOKS: "I've won Amtrak Residency! Out of over 16,100 applicants only 24 writers were selected!" Read More

INTERVIEW BY JON WINOKUR: "How did you become a writer? 'I started writing for therapy. My therapist asked me to...'" Read More

INTERVIEW BY TREY TEETSON: "What did you have for breakfast?" "Coffee. Coffee is my breakfast. And clouds. I like to chew on clouds..." Read More

PODCAST INTERVIEW BY SEATTLE GEEKLY: "It’s the beginning of October, so we’re slinging the creepy all month long!" Listen

INTERVIEW BY INDIEMINDED: "Ksenia Anske is an indie author who, to date, has published five books (over the last year)..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY LE PAROLE SEGRETE DEI LIBRI: "I had the fortune to chat with Ksenia Anske, an American Indie writer..." Read More

THE SEATTLE TIMES ON AMTRAK RESIDENCY: "Local writers Ksenia Anske and Scott Berkun were among the 24 writers chosen..." Read More

AMTRAK RESIDENCY PROGRAM: "We couldn't be more excited to announce the 24 writers who will participate..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY ASHLEY R. CARLSON: "I have a hero. An idol, if you will. And her name is Ksenia Anske..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY JOSHUA PANTALLERESCO: "It’s hard to believe Ksenia has only written full time a year..." Read More

PODCAST INTERVIEW: WRITING CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE: "Did you know that writing can save your life? Well that’s..." Listen

INTERVIEW FOR M. W. GRIFFITH: "Ksenia Anske deserves the acclaim and success that she has earned, and I found..." Read More

ADVICE FOR ASPIRING WRITERS FOR THE SILO: "The world of book publishing is changing. It looks frightening..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY FEMININITY REDEFINED: "This thunderbolt of a woman landed on me, one clear day..." Read More

GUEST POST FOR FOODFIC: "Darling Shelley invited me to guest post on her blog about food. Food my characters eat..." Read More

GUEST POST FOR MAHAM IRSHAD: "Things I didn't know about writing. Let me start off with a shocker..." Read More 

GUEST POST FOR MARVELLA MAGAZINE: "Why you should self-publish. Let’s say you’re a beginning writer, like me..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY SYFY POP: "I wish I had a gloriously nice reason to tell you why I started writing, like many..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY JOSHUA PANTALLERESCO: "Ksenia Anske is funny. Hilariously funny. I laugh reading her tweets..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY KYLIE KEROSENE:  "If you've never heard of Ksenia Anske, you've probably been living under a rock..." Read More

GUEST POST FOR DEVIN BERGLUND:  "How to finish a book in a month. So, before you dive any deeper into this..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY S.K. SOPHIA: "Let me tell you something about Ksenia, she is an absolute firecracker..." Read More

GUEST POST FOR KAYLA CURRY: "When I saw a video where Garrett Robinson interviewed Ksenia, I felt the need to reach out..." Read More    

INTERVIEW BY ANUSHKA DHANAPALA: "Congratulations on publishing your trilogy Siren Suicides. Did you do anything..." Read More    

INTERVIEW BY ROYAL MANABALL: "Ksenia Anske is an author of reckoning. Probably the first writer to ever be..." Read More    

INTERVIEW BY VAGUELY PLAID ON SIREN SUICIDES: " What's the skinny on your trilogy Siren Suicides? Let's see here..." Read More    

INTERVIEW BY TIPSY LIT ON SELF-PUBLISHING: "Twitter superstar rolling out her latest writing endeavor? Yes, please..." Read More   

INTERVIEW BY INDIE AUTHOR LAND: "Siren Suicides a fantasy trilogy about a teenage girl, Ailen Bright, who attempts to drown..." Read More   

INTERVIEW BY AMUSED NOW: "I never thought that one day I’d be writing books. My friends pushed me into writing, literally..." Read More    

INTERVIEW BY INDIE AUTHOR LAND: "1 sunny day I got asked by 1 of my sunny Twitter followers to create a book of my tweets..." Read More    

GUEST POST FOR THE GRIMM REPORT ON ELEPHANT RAIN: "Several witnesses reported a horde of elephants falling out of..." Read More    

INTERVIEW BY HEATHERETTE, ASPIRING WRITERS SERIES: "Our first interviewee is Ksenia Anske. You'll find out all about her..." Read More  

GUEST POST FOR READMILL ON MY TOP 5 FAVE FANTASY BOOKS: "When I read fantasy, I feel happy, like a child..." Read More  

INTERVIEW BY MAHAM IRSHAD, CELEBRITY TIME: "I started writing for therapy, to understand why I was suicidal at 16..." Read More  

INTERVIEW BY PUBSLUSH, WOMEN ON WEDNESDAY: "My childhood was a well of darkness of which I recently became aware..." Read More 

INTERVIEW BY HUFFINGTON POST ON BREAKING SILENCE: "Ksenia Anske might not be a familiar name to you just yet..."  Read More 

INTERVIEW BY SANDRA HESSELS ON WRITING: "Ksenia Anske quit her career in 2012 so that she could write full-time ..." Read More  

INTERVIEW BY K.N. LEE ON INSPIRATION: "I became suicidal at 33, and, after not going through with it and recovering..." Read More 

INTERVIEW BY MATTHEW D. BERKSHIER, 10 QUESTIONS: "It's time to take a gander at the next author I have lined up..."  Read More


GUEST POST FOR COLLEEN ALBERT ON ROSEHEAD: "Every time I want to call my mother back in Russia..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY BOOKRIOT ON FUTURE OF PUBLISHING: "Publishing is currently going through a rough period..." Read More

GUEST POST FOR BOOKOLICO ON WRITING FAST: "Write your novel fast, to keep it alive..."  Read More  

GUEST POST FOR BRAD CAMERON ON SIRENS: "Sirens. Yes, so, let's see, where did it start? Ah, I know, with Rusalkas..." Read More  

INTERVIEW BY SHAUNTELLE HAMLETT ON STORY FUEL: "Ksenia is is a woman who has an amazing way with words..." Read More  

INTERVIEW BY COREY SEELEY ON SIREN SUICIDES IDEA: "The key scene for every book idea always comes to me..."  Read More  

INTERVIEW BY VICTORIA M. JOHNSON ON CREATIVE SPACES: "My writing space is more than just a physical place ..." Read More  

INTERVIEW BY JEFF SHEAR ON GOING INDIE: "Who is Ksenia Anske? Well, have a look at one of her Tweets..." Read More  

INTERVIEW BY DIGITAL JOURNAL ON SUICIDE: "More teenagers every day experience suicidal thoughts..." Read More 

GUEST POST FOR NED HOSTE ON BOOK COVERS:  "I’ll talk about book covers as a newbie and the dilemmas they present..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY TONY RICHES ON STARTING TO WRITE: "I fell into writing by accident, at an urging of a friend..." Read More

INTERVIEW BY SOFIA WREN ON MAGIC: "Magic. It's something that didn't exist in my 80's Soviet Union childhood..." Read More