A poem by a baby bear wearing zombie-protective glasses

by Ksenia Anske

Photo by Noukka Signe

Once upon a time, one sunny, errr... strike that, one rainy day, I tweeted something about writing poems, specifically, something about a poem from a point of view of a baby bear wearing zombie-protective glasses and purple mittens, because he can. In other words, some NONSENSE, as usual, but I guess it struck a chord because one of my Twitter followers, a certain Adam Silke from United Kingdom, has been on my back ever since to make me actually do it. And I thought, what the hell, why not? So here goes (done in about 10 minutes, so please don't kill me, I'm not a poet! And I changed he-bear to she-bear, of course...):

A poem from a point of view of a baby bear wearing zombie-protective glasses and purple mittens...
...because she can.

I sit in a hole dug up in slothy furrow
I eat berry pie that pandas let me borrow
I watch flying unicorns fight a striped crow
WHEN my zombie-protective glasses pinch my brow

I see my purple mittens stained with red
I feel mice, rainbow butterflies take me to bed
I count their steps up and up and right and left
WHEN someone's mouth opens up right ahead 

I'm swallowed whole, in one gulp, in one go
I slide and I glide and I twirl and I flow
I drop into a belly on top of furry pillow
WHEN I stop all this nonsense

P.S.: Okay, this is a horrible poem, but...whatever! Why did I do this? To prove that I can. Writing lyrics for the first time was the same thing - I've never written lyrics before, but then when I set my mind to it, I did. So, would you be up for some nonsense? Want to continue this story in the comments? Say, each of you post a little 4 liner? 

P.P.S.: I swear I didn't eat any mushrooms for dinner. This is totally random. I promise that tomorrow I will return to normal and will blog about something very useful. 

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