I live in Seattle (and sleep on the Moon). Feel free to send me an email to say hello, share your art, or ask about mine. If I don't answer right away, please don't throw angry hedgehogs at me, it just means I'm busy. And if you want to send me funny socks, dark chocolate, or Russian vodka, send them here: Ksenia Anske, PO Box 55871, Seattle, WA, 98155


I send out paperbacks (signed & kissed) for reviews to bloggers. If you'd like a copy, and if you solemnly swear to review the hell out of it on your blog and on Goodreads and on Amazon (and on all the other places), and if you're patient enough to wait (I send out copies when I can afford the cost), then fill out this form and RUN. Because my books will eat you.

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