If I die tomorrow, I'LL DIE HAPPY...

by Ksenia Anske

Photo by Kyle Thompson

Crying like a baby. My life is accomplished. If I die tomorrow, I'll die happy. Got this e-mail from one of the Beta Readers this morning (I didn't correct the spelling so you guys could see it as I saw it):

"So, i did something, hope you dont mind,

but read your draft to my youth group (15 troubled people, age btween 14 - 17)

they absolutely loved your book. 


Why i did it: 

the subject of the day was honesty, i told them my story, and wanted them to feel safe to share,

i thought, maybe through your book, taking it as a fictional example...they will be more open to share.

We ended up having a conversation about teenage suicied, we took Ailen as example,

i told them about India, there teenage suicied is a big problem, 

we talked about their parents, pain, dreams, hopes, alternative universes,

and they conitnously wanted me to re-read parts of your novel.

I started crying of the beauty of the situation....

You inspired 15 young people with your words, your courage...

(i told them your story, it just felt right to do so, although i did not mention your name)


it was an amazing experiance, one of the best discussions we ever had,

i gave them an assignment: write, paint, sing about/to Ailen, pretend she is your firend...


I am so eager to find out what they came up with.


And one other thing, there is this boy in my group, he is not doing really well,

but he is a quite boy, never talks much. He always sits next to me, or holds my hand, but

never really said anything. After our meeting, and after reading your boo, he came up to me

and talked to me about his feelings, that he himself thought about ending his life too,

he always thought that he is alone with his feelings, but after hearing Ailens story he got

the courage to talk.


You have no idea how much i heart you right now."

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