You CAN write full time, quit your job!

by Ksenia Anske

The biggest moan I hear from folks lately is how they have no time to write. How they want to write, but there is the job, the house to take care of, the spouse, the kids, the cars, the... (insert your own list here). Guess what, I had the same problem. Actually, worse! At one time in my life I wouldn't allow myself to read fiction, because, well, it was a waste of time. I was an entrepreneur (wow, sounds important!), I was a business woman (you got that, punk?), I was all grown up and serious and reading books on business and on business only (booooring...). But, here comes the big but... BUT! I wasn't happy. I wanted to write and I wouldn't let myself, filling up my life with expensive junk that didn't mean a thing. So, are you ready? This will come as a shocker. I quit my whole career to write. If I can do it, you can do it. Here's how:

Quit. Your. Job. This choice is entirely up to you, and I know the list of reasons you'll be giving me here - been there, done that. And just because I'm a girl, don't think that I was safely tucked behind a husband my entire life, although I was for many years. I had a senior level position job making $120K a year and I was absolutely miserable. Oh! How dare I disclose the numbers! Well, I did, I wanted to - to help YOU. Because if I don't give you the facts, you won't believe me. So, I was afraid, afraid, afraid, and then I was hit by a truck while biking home from work. I woke up in the hospital and realized, life is short. I want to write NOW. It took another 8 months, but I finally quit my career.

Get rid of stuff. Yes, like Chuck Palahniuk said in Fight Club, “The things you used to own, now they own you.” So, chuck' em. Do you need that house? No, it's not you who owns it, it's the bank. Get real, sell it, and move to a smaller cheaper place. Do you really need your car? I grew up without one (that's a whole another story), but I quickly got used to the convenience of a car when I moved to the US. Well, I sold it. I canceled my gym membership, and I bought a bicycle instead (guess what, now I have time to read on the bus!). I sold everything I could. Sold my entire business wardrobe - yes, girls, all those pumps and bags too, and I cried over them. The only things of value left are my MacBook, my iPhone, my bike, my books, and some clothes. 

Lose weight. I know for this one you will want to slap me in the face. Go ahead. But, unfortunately, it's a fact, America is fat. I myself was never very fat, but I had those annoying extra 10 pounds that no amount of exercising would shed. Guess what. We eat junk that our bodies are not designed to process. For example, bread is made from grass seeds that are toxic. Beans are toxic. So is corn. Milk is an allergen, and we are not designed to process milk products beyond the age of five. Would you breast feed a 30 year old? I wouldn't. You get the point. Yeah, yeah, I'm one of those healthy freaks on the cavemen diet. Actually, it's not a diet but a way of life. Read The New Evolution Diet and tell me what you think. Why do I talk about this here? Because it will give you several hours a day to write. I eat only 1 or 2 times a day, no snacks, I sleep less and better, and I feel healthier. Oh, and I spend only $100 to $150 on food for myself per month.

Stop watching TV. I don't. Do you know how many hours it saves me? Tons. Stop reading news too. Why bother? If anything important happens, your friends will tell you. I stopped because I'm the type of person who will drop everything and try to board the next plane to save baby monkeys from a tsunami across the globe. And if I won't be able to, I will spend the rest of the week reading every single news morsel about it and crying my eyes out. Turn if off, or, better, sell it. Watch good movies on your laptop instead. 

Fall in love. Oh, where did this one come from? Well, remember I mentioned above how people moan they can't write, don't have the time, because the spouse... Yeah, what about the spouse? If you don't have a supporting partner, forget about writing. It's an emotional thing and needs to be handled with care. If your other half is against it, or, worse, indifferent, no use fighting or proving the point. I went a bit radical with this, though it was not the only reason and I'm still great friends with my ex, but after many many years there was no love left, just chores and convenient co-existence. We divorced, and I'm madly in love with my boyfriend now, who (poor soul!) reads what I write EVERY SINGLE DAY! Imagine that kind of a motivator. Of course I will find time to write, I write for him!

Now, if you are still reading this and haven't banned me yet from all your social media channels, I must confess. It's not as easy as it sounds, and it took me many years to get here. And of course I haven't touched on all possible points, like childcare costs, for example. I'm only simplifying this all to show you that you CAN do it too. You CAN write full time. Life is short, right? Then what are you waiting for? Let me know what you think in the comments, and feel free to ask me detailed questions about budget and stuff - I'd be happy to answer.

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