Ferret Story NUMBER 3

by Ksenia Anske

FERRET FICTION FRENZY continues! You can read about how it started here.

Please welcome our 3rd FERRET AUTHOR, Rachel LaneRachel is an insane Stay At Home Mom who's crazy enough to think she has enough time each day to homeschool two kids, cook, clean, quilt for others, and write on the side!!!

Ferret Story NUMBER 3 by Rachel Lane. 

With a stretch and a yawn, Jill saw the sunshine peeking out through a window a bit away.  Feeling stiff, she tried crawling to where she saw it … the water bottle.  It’s so pretty, and full of yumminess, Jill thought.  After a good long fill, she lifted her head and sniffed.

“Oh boy!  Karl is up!  It’s playtime!” she squealed, running to the other side of her bed.  She nudged her brother until he stood up.

“Jill, please, not until I have had something to drink,” he whined.  Slowly he crept over to the water bottle, then finally perked up enough to be kind.

“So where’s the newspaper for today?” he asked Jill.

“Same place it is every day, under our fort, silly,” Jill replied.  They ran around, playing tag, until they hear a far-off jingle of a bell.

“Yay!  The tall one is here!” Jill squealed.  Of the siblings, Jill enjoyed the small things in life.  She had a set routine, and longed for the moment the tall one came to see her.  He always had a pat on the back and snuck a treat for both of them, with a shh to his lips as he walked away.  This morning was no exception.

“Oh, Karl, look!  He brought us a new ball!  And it has a bell!  Tag, you’re it!”

Karl rolled his eyes, then realized if he didn’t play along, she’d throw the ball at him until he did. 

“Fine, you’ve got my attention until lunchtime.  Unless of course, somebody else comes along.”

“Who else would come along?  You’d scare them away with your grumpy attitude.”

“Hey, my glass might be half-full, but boy when I drink it, it’s the best stuff on earth.  Catch,” Karl explained, throwing the ball back at his sister.

Jill noticed several new people walking by her that morning.  As she saw little ones staring at her, she tried to wave at them, in hopes of a return wave.  After lunch, she felt energized enough to put on a show for her audience, a race to the top of her fort and back.  Karl though, tired from lunch and watching Jill goof off, promptly fell asleep.

As the sun was nearing the horizon, Jill knew bedtime was near, and that her favorite tall one to clean up.  There was an unexpected jingle from the door, and voices too.

“Mommy, are you for real?  I can get one for my birthday?”  a tiny voice asked.

“Yes, son, you’ve shown me how much you’ve grown up this year, and you’re ready for that responsibility.  Now go choose the best one of the bunch.”

Tommy walked up and down.  Suddenly a pair of brown eyes framed behind glasses stared at Jill.

“Mommy, this is it.  This is what I want.”

“Good choice.  Mr. Bates, we’d like to get this one.”

“Oh, Jill?  She’s my favorite.  You’ll love every minute with her.”

Jill felt confused.  A hand picked her up, taking her away from what she’d always known.  She was then in the arms of little Tommy, but rather than looking at his cute face, she looked back at the life she’d known – one with her best friend, Karl.  Trying to lurch forward, she almost fell out of Tommy’s arms.

“Mommy, she wants back in.”

“I think, son, she wants her brother, Karl.  They play all day long together.  I think she’s a little bit scared about leaving him there.”

“Mommy, we have to take both of them.  I don’t want Jill to be sad.”

“Tommy, are you sure?”

“Yes, Mommy, I’ve wanted a ferret all my life.  Having two of them would be the best day ever!”

When Jill saw Karl being lifted out of their home, she felt the same way Tommy did.


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