by Ksenia Anske

You're still alive after yesterday's beginning of the bunny apocalypse? Amazing. Missed it? Read how it started here. And today we continue our journey with Chapter 2.

Please welcome our 2nd author, David Eccles, (aka @vikingbeard). Call him Dave. Because he says: "Don't call me David! My mom called me that when I was in trouble - usually for something I hadn't done!" Dave is a lover of literature, writing, COFFEE, motorcycles, COFFEE, archery, COFF...Ah, you get the drift, good food, women, music and animals (no, that's not what I meant, officer), but not necessarily in that order.

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Chapter 2 by David Eccles

"What if something goes wrong, sir?” Peter whimpered. Clearly agitated, his ears, normally erect, drooped and hung to the sides of his head. His foot began to thump loudly, slapping the compressed dirt at the entrance to the warren, and his nose wiggled rapidly. The sound of his thumping drew the attention of a troop of returning bunnies, who—supporting their walking wounded as they limped into the warren—swiveled their heads toward him, fixing him with a murderous gaze. These were not your ordinary rabbit recruits. Every one of them had been paw-picked and were regulars, battle-hardened veterans, part of an elite Coney Commando unit. Each bore numerous scars and had extensive bald patches in their fur. None was more seasoned than the troop's commander, Sergeant Major Gorse.

As his name suggested, Gorse could be a prickly character, and yet his men would die for him in a heartbeat if the situation demanded such a sacrifice. They trusted his judgment and his military experience to bring them home after completing their mission. As Peter counted off each rabbit as they filed past, Gorse barked, "Twenty-eight!" Easter nodded in acknowledgement.

"Thank you, Sergeant Major. Take your men to have their wounds seen to, and then make sure they're fed. There'll be fresh greens waiting for you and your men after they've been debriefed." Easter turned to face Peter, his eyes clearly displaying his steel determination. "Nothing will go wrong. It mustn't. Our very future depends on the success of this plan, Peter."

"Indeed, sir." Peter caught himself just as he was about to start thumping the hard ground again, told himself that things would be fine. Then he added, "I've already started on that list, sir. I'm updating it constantly and liaising with other warrens. There's a network of runners in place to keep us informed on the progress of the ground troops; and, if needed, I can call in aerial reinforcements. There are a few squadrons of owls in the vicinity that are willing to do a moonlight run on our behalf at a moment's notice! It's pretty much the same situation in all zones where ground troops have been deployed, sir."

Easter nodded. "Keep me informed, Peter, at all times." He turned about face and, giving the warren guards a cursory salute, made his way toward the infirmary where Gorse and his men were being treated for their battle injuries.

Neither a squeal nor a foot thump could be heard as nursing rabbits first licked and then dressed the wounds of the twenty-eight souls now in the infirmary. Secret ancient herbs were chewed and then spat onto huge, gaping wounds which were then bound with dock leaves. The severity of several of the warriors' wounds disturbed Easter deeply—the very nature of those bone-deep slashes caused him to doubt the success of Gorse's mission. Moving to a quiet corner of the infirmary, he motioned for Gorse to join him. "What happened, old friend?" Easter asked in subdued tones.

"Cats!" Gorse spat. "Damn feral cats!"

P.S.: This is the 2nd Chapter of EASTER BUNNY APOCALYPSE. Here is Chapter 1 for your reading pleasure. Hold on to your tails and stand by for Chapter 3 to be published tomorrow!

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