My Russian teenage poetry

by Ksenia Anske

So this is something that my Twitter followers asked me to do, and I'm obviously scared shitless, because not only is this poetry written by a teenager (I was 15), my translation is probably not the best (haven't done much translating lately), I hope it does it justice. Anyway, you asked for it, I warned you. Here you go.

Everyone thinks - words, beauty
But for me it's - noises, empty
I would really want to write
But it's hard to reach right
I'm left with gazing out the window
Maybe it will tell me what to do
Why do I need words?
In the spring's green-glow leaves sing
Wind twirls
Dances on the rooftops
To the glee of cats, 
Chimney sweepers and mice
On the wires,
Like on a feverish violin
Plays the spring
With a stretched linden tree
Trembles and shivers
The melody of life
Now it shakes a branch
Now it hangs in the sky

Sky opened its blue mouth
Golden teeth sparkled inside
Now the heat blew from the top
Started spitting, my blue friend
He just finished smoking his cigar
Smeared grey smoke across his face
How naive - he decided to eat Earth
Only his mouth is way too small
Opened his mouth, trying. "You fool,
You won't have time to devour Earth
Night is over!" A loud screeching noise
He closed his mouth. How about sun?
Then he opened his only eye
Brightly glanced at Earth, silly cyclope
In grey fog, his face turned light
And acquired a turquoise tone
"Do your thing, stop doing nonsense
Warm greenery and water, come on,
Spill some tears on the Earth...
Cry some, you sorry blue guy!"
He doesn't want to, but what else? Oh,
There are tears falling fiercely down
Into black mounds, ending first flight
And their last, like a woman's caprice

Poems are pushing themselves out
Marching in rhymes, ready for war
But whom will they fight?
Ah, anyone they can find
Why do they need extra suffering?
Ah, just do they won't die of boredom
Who reads them? 2-3 people
They won't see light till end of time
Let them die then, fall into abyss
Rather then vanish slowly under dust

Flat face of incomprehension
Doesn't pay me any attention
It's such facial mania
Spits in your face and stomps goodbye
What crazy thought
But it's thought through thoroughly
Well then, it's time for sleep
Take my goodbye sweep
Au revoir. Excusez-moi.

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Teenage erotica: MY FIRST TIME

by Ksenia Anske

So I sit here, writing my next blog post, when a facebook message pops up on my screen from my boyfriend's thirteen year old daughter, saying: "Tell me if it's good, here it is." And BAM, next thing I know, she sends me a short story called MY FIRST TIME. Apparently, I'm instiling love to reading and writing in the household with my constant reading and writing every day, but I didn't think I'd inspire, um, an erotica piece. I thought it very straight-forward, real, and funny, and, by popular demand, am sharing it with you here.

MY FIRST TIME by Josey Daniel

As I lay there he looks into my eyes, then he kisses me. He pulls my shirt off over my head, unclips my bra, then starts to kiss my neck. He starts his way down to my boob and he kisses my boobs, then he starts sucking my nipple as he unbuckles my belt, unzips my zipper, and works his way down. He pulls my pants down leaving my thong on, to pull it off later. He's at my belly button now as I lay there, looking at the ceiling, thinking to myself, should I do this or should I stop it now. I feel his soft lips kiss were my pants button should be. He sits up and pulls my thong off in one quick gesture, then he kisses and licks me where my mum told me to never let them lick. I lay there, trying not to move or make a noise, but it feels good, I have to move. My hands feel heavy, then out of nowhere I let out a big moan and he looks up and he kisses my neck, then takes his shirt off. His muscles are so big and it's so hot, I can't resist it. I sit up and unbuckle his belt, unzip his zipper. He pulls his pants off. He has sexy lines and abs and I can't help myself not to touch them. I kiss him. I put my hands around his neck as I lay back. He follows and he starts moving up and down gently. I open my mouth and I start to moan. He does the same and it feels so good. Then he comes. I realize we had no condom...but it's too late! 20 minutes later I come!!!


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