Ferret Story NUMBER 5

by Ksenia Anske

FERRET FICTION FRENZY continues! You can read about how it started here.

Please welcome our 5th FERRET AUTHOR, Rachelthe one and only, sister, writer, artist, reader, laugher, lover of life, connoisseur of all things hilarious and ironic. Rachel is a nerd and requests you to "speak geek" to her.

Ferret Story NUMBER 5 by Rachel

I once had a ferret, his name was Billy. He was a cute little ferret and I loved him so much. Sometimes I’d get bullied at school and it just wasn’t fair. So I’d come home and he’d be right there! He comforted me, and occasionally told me off. I’d feed him nice treats and he just loved the peanut butter flavored ones.

One time, I came home and he wasn’t there. I panicked and ran all over the place! I finally found him. He’d escaped the cage, and hidden behind the couch. I’m glad I found him when I did, he was starting to eat a hole in the back of the couch and if he squirreled 9 errr, ferreted his way into the couch, I would have never found him! He loves to hide in things so I went to investigate the cause of such a horrific accident.

I had been redecorating his cage and it completely caught me off guard that he’d wiggled out of the bottom of the cage. I must have forgotten to snap a hook in place. 

So funny! I set in a little treat for him and watched him nibble. I finished all my homework and then thought about the theme of his enclosure. I’d decided to go for a rainbow theme.

The colored tubing that he could crawl in alternated color, Red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, but I decided to add in more things, wheels and hammocks and ladders. I almost wished I was a ferret.

The other thing I loved about Billy was the fact that he loved to listen to music. I had music for all different kinds of moods and organized them on to playlists. The way I knew how they made him feel was by which toy he’d stand by.

And the way I knew that was because he was a trained ferret. Not only was he an awesome pet, but once he was a drug sniffing ferret.

To be totally honest with you, I still take him out for secret missions. I usually turn In whoever I find to the police anonymously. He’s like a super ferret.

I would totally believe that because even his markings make him look like he’s wearing a mask.

He loves superhero movies, and really movies of any kind except romantic-comedy. He just falls asleep to those.

He also helps me with homework. He clicks his claws on the table and ‘eeps’ when I don’t add something right. But oh how I dread finals and exams! Billy isn’t there to correct me for those, because he’s just a ferret.

One day, I lamented this to my mother and she looked shocked. She asked me how long Billy had been helping me with homework, and how much time I spent with Billy.

She asked me if I had any other friends. I didn’t, but I didn’t really mind. Then mom broke the craziest news to me. She said that Billy was a figment of my imagination.

Billy didn’t really exist after all.

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