Siren Story NUMBER 1

by Ksenia Anske

Two weeks ago I got a crazy idea on starting a Ferret Fiction Frenzy because an individual by the name of Samuel Clemons asked me to write about ferrets. I thought, wouldn't it be fun to ask others write about ferrets too? Here are 7 very different stories that came out of it. This week I thought, hey, since I'm writing about sirens, I'd love to read how other writers would describe them. And BAM! SIREN STORY SURGE was born. In 40 minutes 7 authors wrote seven 500 word siren stories. Every day I will publish a new one. And with that...

Please welcome, our 1st SIREN AUTHOR, Kristal Bailey, a life-long Trojan (Fight on!), nerd girl who's way too in to vampire lore, and entertainment writer for She covers entertainment news, reviews, and dabbles ever so gently in fiction.

Photo by Kyle Thompson

Siren Story NUMBER 1 by Kristal Bailey

A song wafts over the waves. The melodic tones of beautiful women stretch across the sea and seem to know no bounds.

Cutting through the waves of a choppy storm front is a man who refuses to buy in to the lore of his predecessors. Confident, arrogant, and deserving of the title, the captain believes he’ll break records on his voyage from Portugal to the New World.

Making it through a tough storm, he believes himself to be through the worst of it, but he has no idea of what’s to come. Lilting over the ocean, the soft soprano notes are just starting to be heard by his crew.

Come to me, I need you now. You are the only one who can fulfill my heart.

Over the waves they carry.

I can make your dreams real. Forget your past. I am your future.

The ship lurches towards the sound. Caught in their spell, the lonely crew only know of one possibility – sexual satisfaction. They’ve been out at sea for who knows how many weeks and are susceptible to the influence of these sultry women.

Off in the distance, an island emerges. They miraculously dodge through the rocky terrain of the ocean shore and dock just feet from the island where they heard the song originate.

However, as they draw closer still, the words seem to take on a different tune.

Come to me, I need you now. You are the only one who can fulfill my appetite.

Over the sands of the island they carry.

I can make my dreams real. Forget your past, you have no future.

The words take on their dark and twisted meaning and the men start to sober up to their spell realizing the grave mistake they’ve made. The captain may not have been the first to recognize their lyrical shift, but he is the first to act upon it.

Realizing the sinister tone, he tries to convince his men to turn back around.

“There’s more wealth and prosperity in the New World! It’s just across the sea  - don’t give in now!”

But it’s too late. The men carry on, ignoring his pleas. He goes up to each man, trying to convince them that there is another way, trying to convince them that these women are not worth it. His cries fall upon deaf ears.

One by one, he watches his men continue on across the island. Some fall in quick sand traps. Some are devoured by wild animals. No one is safe as they try to make it to the other shore.

But the end result is clear - it is him, it is his ship, it is his desire for the new world. There is nothing else left. Only him, and those damned sirens singing their song.

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