Siren Story NUMBER 2

by Ksenia Anske

SIREN STORY SURGE continues! You can read about how it started here.

Please welcome our 2nd SIREN AUTHOR, Aliaa El-Nashar, who has a hard time sticking to one reality when there are so many out there she could make up, though she tends to confuse people by never sticking to one language. Aliaa runs on coffee as fuel even though she can't stop jumping around when she has too much.

Photo by Marc Wildpassion

Siren Story NUMBER 2 by Aliaa El-Nashar

The Water Siren

He wasn't sure what was going on. After all he was sitting in the middle of nowhere, with what appeared to be a pond in front of him. Was it a pond? Or was it a lake? He couldn't see, it really was so dark and he couldn't imagine what was in front of him, but he could hear the water trickling about.

He hit his head trying to remember what had led him here, anything noteworthy. That didn't work, and well, it also happened to hurt. Kyle decided to try something else now. How about he tries to sense his surroundings? Maybe that will help him at least know where he was?

All right. The sky was up above, so that was a good thing, he was outside. Then there was the trickling noise of the water, so he was near some form of aquatic habitation. What else? There was something sticky on his hand. He touched it and tried to figure out what it was, he tried to take a sniff out of it, when the strong iron smell hit his nostrils. It was blood, definitely blood. Coming to think of it, he was aching everywhere, so much pain. So yes, blood, he was badly injured. He was also sitting on grass. Wet grass. So it had rained recently, or he was close to the water.

Why couldn't he remember? All things led to the fact that he was in trouble. But why was he here? Where is here? He tried to let his eyes adjust to the surroundings, but it still didn't help much, it was pitch black. How could it be so dark? That was unnatural.

A sudden light illuminated the whole surrounding, he could finally see. He was in a forest of some sort, and it was definitely a lake in front of him. But what was the exact location?

Then he heard her voice, so beautiful and mesmerizing he couldn't look away. She got out of the water slowly and he was hypnotized, captivated. He'd never seen anything like her or heard anything so enchanting. Who was she? He didn't know, all he knew was that he had to get closer to her, closer to the water. He stood up and limped his way to her, his eyes not leaving the sight of her as she was now almost fully out of the water.

However, since he wasn't paying attention to where he was going, he tripped and hit his head. He blinked and tried to wait untill the pain subsided when he started to remember. He was here on a mission, the Siren. The murderess that's been stealing all the teenage boys in town, the one no one could escape. That was her. He found his satchel on the floor lying next to where he had landed, he rushed up to it blocking her music from his ears with his arm while slowly attempting to open the satchel and getting the ear plugs out. He put them in and then looked at her. All of a sudden, her beauty was stripped away and she was no longer the embodiment of all that is exquisite like everyone believed. She was also very angry and advancing on her way to attack. Kyle searched through his backpack quickly, trying to find the weapon the town had elected would be the perfect way to kill her, and then there it was, the poisoned arrow.

He got his bow from his other side, and before she managed to retreat back into the water, her safety haven, as she knew she couldn't escape with him being able to think, he took his shot. He didn't know if he'd managed to hit her or not since she still escaped into the water and it had gone black again.

He waited and hoped for the best, closed his eyes and prayed that it had worked. Then, as he began to open them again, the sky was bright, the sun was out, finally, after years in the dark, they could see again.

He could hear the laughter in the distance and people cheering. Kids wandering about. No need for candles or fire to light their ways and see things anymore. The sun was finally out, and hopefully even at night the moon will come back.

The Siren was gone, and the town could live in the open once more.

P.S.: This is the 2nd Siren Story. If you want to indulge in more sirenness, here is Siren Story NUMBER 1.

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