Siren Story NUMBER 3

by Ksenia Anske

SIREN STORY SURGE continues! You can read about how it started here.

Please welcome our 3rd SIREN AUTHOR, Caroline Rainbow, a working mother of three beautiful children with a passion for reading and writing that fuels her many dreams, the main one being travel. Something she has not done a lot of.....yet! But she will!

Photo by Leslie June

Siren Story NUMBER 3 by Caroline Rainbow

Zombie Siren

Twisted pleasure I take as they descend the waters in sweet delight. Empty are their hearts as they so easily fall. Blinded from truth by lust and desire they hear my call and follow like a moth to a flame; drawn to the light to burn in its brightness.

My heart aches from deep inside the emptiness of my soul, blackened now by a thousand deaths. Hunger grows with my need, the thirst unquenchable. I taste the salt of the sea and it burns. It is not love I desire though my heart beats from longing; it is the taste of life slipping through my fingers as I destroy those who destroyed me.

I was but a child on the verge of womanhood when they broke my soul and ravaged my innocence for their perverted cravings. Tossed to the sea to meet my angel of death I sank in blissful surrender to the oceans calling. Tender hands caressed my wounds before a sharp bite punctured my damaged skin; my floundering attempts to escape the creatures’ onslaught were in vain as darkness came and I was gone, reborn into a creature of darkness and desire.

Beauty was in the eye of the obtuse answering greedily to my call, they came to me so easily, their minds cloudy by desire and yearning. I found fulfilment in the ease at which my charm could persuade even the most astute.

Hunters, pirates, men of all ages through time seek us, desperate to catch a glimpse of the oceans fallen angels, we tease with music and small glimpses alighting the passion of deep desire until insanity drives them into our world where we await with welcomed arms.

Falling into my embrace, they see only beauty, an angel’s face. As they smile in blissful ignorance I give offerings of a last kiss. Not until the moment they pull away desperate for air do they see death reflected in the cloudy film that covers my once blue eyes. The rotting decomposed flesh of my existence shatters my allusion of grandeur into tiny fragment of realisation as they scream.

The cries of grown men feed my voracious appetite; my longing for the flesh of the corrupt soothes my tainted soul as a frenzied battle of instinct begins.

Revulsion and fear dance together in a synchronized need for survival as those pitiful pleas are swallowed by the ocean as I drag thrashing limbs desperate to escape to the sandy bed to which their bones will rest amongst.

Blood surges through my desiccated veins as I feast upon the flesh of men’s corpses, fuelling the dimming flame of my spirit I become alive for a moment. Sated from my fill of fleshy tissue I bathe in the blood of my kill, I have no remorse for those who easily follow my song; I pity them for they are weak.

I am not alive nor am I dead, I am the beauty of fantasy that swallows the souls of men and feeds on their foolishness.

P.S.: This is the 3rd Siren Story. If you want to indulge in more sirenness, here is Siren Story NUMBER 1 and Siren Story NUMBER 2.

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