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Don't think that just because it's Saturday, Easter Bunny Apocalypse is taking a break. No such luck! And no such luck tomorrow either. Chapter 5 is here, and you should tremble. Enter at your own risk. (Read how it started here.)

Please welcome our 5th author, Andrew Hovenden, (aka @ajhovenden). Between MMA and chasing 6 kids, conflict is nothing new for Andrew. Maybe that is why he enjoys writing so much. The fight between brain, pen and paper is the ultimate thrill. Which wins varies by day. No true losers though in this wild wonderful mystical world called life.

Photo by Chamille Houston


Chapter 5 by Andrew Hovenden

“It smells funny,” Peter whined as he held the torch high over Easter’s shoulder, lighting the way down the warren through passages so old that at times they had to push through cobwebs and dead tree roots.

“Hush now,” came the gruff, but not unkindly, growl back. “We are not alone down here and there are things you must just deal with,” said Easter.

Peter had to check himself, not only squeezing his sphincter at the ominous words of his leader, but also to make sure he did not run into Easter’s broad back which had stopped at long last in front of a rock completely blocking their path. Easter reached back and, taking the torch from Peter, plunged the tunnel into darkness by grinding it into the cavern wall.

Peter squeaked, he could not help it.

All was quiet and nothing but the deep full breathing noises of Easter and the shallow gasps of Peter were heard until the rock tilted up revealing, if possible, an even darker tunnel ahead. Peter heard Easter shuffle forward and felt no shame in grabbing onto his leader's shoulder and following him. They soon stopped and Peter noticed that things were considerably lighter now and growing brighter from the corners of what appeared to be a large room made entirely of stone.

In the center of the room was an altar, made of pure quartz with gold veins marring its surface into the shape of a baby chick. Even more odd was the baby chick standing on the altar. Peter gasped as the chick turned to face him. This was no ordinary chick. No golden, fluffy feathers. No cute, little beak. No sweet three toes. No! This chick had mangy feathers that moved in an unseen wind, a twisted beak broken and shattered, a missing eye, and only two toes on each foot. There, with his sweet, sickly smell wafting toward them, stood a horror Peter had only heard whispers of—the Peeps King was real!

Easter cleared his throat and the Peeps King chuckled. It was a weird, high-pitched chuckle, sounding stranger still as it bounced off the walls and seemed to get louder. Peter noticed that the king’s beak had never moved, so bent and twisted it was.

“Come for more Peeps have we?” The king queried, his voice falling and rising like fingers scraping across a freshly cut gravestone.

“Yes,” came the terse reply. “I have brought payment as required in our pact,” replied Easter, who pushed Peter forward slightly.

Peter recoiled at the touch and turned to look at Easter. Easter stared into Peter’s eyes and sadly spoke, “It is better that one rabbit perish than having an entire nation, or world, brought to its knees. Your sacrifice will be remembered.”

Peter had no words, and barely noticed the misshapen figures that appeared out of the shadows as they advanced on him. His eyes were only on his betrayer. In shock, Peter felt hands begin to pull him toward a nearby darkened tunnel mouth. Dimly, he heard the Peep King's horrible laugh before he gurgled, “Oh yes, the pact is made. You will have your army and we will long remember and cherish the sounds this one will make!"

P.S.: This is the 5th Chapter of EASTER BUNNY APOCALYPSE. Here are other Chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3, and Chapter 4. And of course, Chapter 6 to be published tomorrow. You can count on it.

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