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BLOODY SANTA vs ZOMBIE SIREN. Chapter 7 by Ilka Kasten Hidalgo 

Laira’s mouth bubbled in anticipation as they led Santa into their cave. She could feel her partners' – or what was left of them – excitement rise as the darkness of the cave enveloped them. Too long have they gone on with prey that didn’t have the thick taste of warm blood to feast on, and this one in particular had blood rushing to their favorite body part to sink their teeth into. But despite their ravenous appetite, this entrée had been planned far in advance and the taste became only more delectable as the flavors mixed with revenge.

As they encircled Santa, his breath become short and quick from controlling his urge to rip off the remaining tatters that covered their curvaceous cold bodies. Laira dropped down to her knees and began to slowly tear his leather pants with her claw. Santa involuntarily closed his eyes as the sound of the tearing and his hardened breathing filled the cave. Too long has he allowed anyone to take control and for some reason he couldn’t explain he wanted them to have their way with him.

The others followed Laira’s lead and began to slowly tear his armor down with their claws, controlling their own urge to rip his body to shreds. Laira was the first to let the noise of pleasure out, and the reaction she received was well what she hoped. Her girls allowed themselves to moan as piece by piece the armor dropped to the floor. Despite the frigid cold in the cave, Claus did not even shiver as his blood boiled and his member ached for a release.

With his armor off, he stood naked like an overgrown gnome. They stood to encircle him again and began to sway and they sang softly:

            Come, come, come to us sailor

            Come warm our cold beds

            Steal, steal, steal kisses oh lover

            Steal life from your heads

            Flow, flow, flow blood in abounding

            Flow the ocean to find me

            Death, death, death without fighting

            Death will take your last breath free

At the end of their song, the circle had enclosed tightly around Claus, the cold touch of their skin on his body caused a throbbing in both his heads and the release was almost too close to control. His eyes were still closed when he felt a sharp pain his left shoulder. He smiled as the feel of cold lips surrounded it.

So it was going to be this kind of night.

He felt another on his chest, this one deep. He started to open his eyes but the darkness was thick, nothing to focus on. Another one on his right bicep, he started to feel the muscles being torn out.

“Whhha?” Dazed words came from his mouth. He opened his eyes wider to catch his surroundings, shaking his head to clear the dizziness.

“Fuck me,” He let out as he watched them with the chunks of his flesh falling from their mouths and licking the hot blood with their tongues knowing that they were only getting started.

P.S.: This is 7th Chapter of BLOODY SANTA vs ZOMBIE SIREN. Here are links to previous Chapters: Chapter 1,Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4, Chapter 5, and Chapter 6.

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