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20 writers continue on their crazy quest to entertain you out of your socks with the terrible terrible truth. I don't know if you can handle it. Can you handle it? Want to find out? Chapter 11 may tell you. (Read how it started here.)

Please welcome our 11th author, Sheila Hall, (aka @TheDarkerFun). Sheila is an up and coming author, writes the stories she longs to read herself.  She knows how to work hard and applies that same intensity in her "play" as well.  While erotica is her main passion, Sheila has been known to pen in several other genres and styles from fantasy to poetry. 

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Chapter 11 by Sheila Hall

Easter sat in the makeshift war room and looked around at his council. The advisors and the occasional general were all taking turns sucking up by telling him about how great they were doing in their glorious campaign. He could care less about those with political aspirations; he wanted to make sure their side was victorious. He wanted to make sure his own casualties were as few as possible. There was nothing “glorious” about war, only tragically acceptable losses. Easter amused himself for the briefest of moments thinking about how this group would fare on the front lines. But the thought of some of the troops out there dying as he sat in here was enough to sober him.

A movement to the side caught his eye as a runner came in and went straight to Rush. Rush's reaction was not what Easter wanted to see in his general; surprise and concern. Oh sure, that rabbit had a great poker face, but they had been friends for years. The slight flaring of his eyes and twitch of his left ear all but screamed out in alarm. 

Raising his paw, the group around Easter went silent. Looking right at Rush, he simply said, “Speak.”

Rush took a deep breath and replied in an amazingly even voice, “There is a situation, Commander. A delegation from the Peep King is outside demanding an audience.  It appears that Peter escaped and the Peeps are in an uproar. They are claiming that it is our fault and therefore ours to fix.”

Of all the things that Easter thought to hear, this would have rated lowest on the list. A replacement? Were they serious? Whether or not they lost Peter, it was of no consequence to him. The tithe was paid and the pact sealed. Besides, they were in the middle of a war and the King of Crazy and his merry band of sugary psychos wanted to what, renegotiate? Not in this lifetime.

By now, the voices of everyone had reached a dull roar filled with indignation and nervous prose. Standing up from his seat, Easter made a quick thump of his foot to get the group’s attention. Once they all settled back down, he looked over at his general and spoke in a soft, dangerous tone.

“Rush, let us go and greet our guests properly.”

Not waiting for a response, Easter left the council and moved toward the entrance where the delegation was impatiently waiting. Three identical Peeps swiveled toward him in unison. Their sugary coats looked old, filled with dirt and dust. Trying not to let his disgust show, Easter schooled his face and said, “You wished to see me? Here I am.”

“We are here on behalf of our king to demand you bring back our payment.” The one on the left rasped out.

“Or offer another in his place, maybe two,” the one on the right interjected with a slight snicker.

The middle Peeps' face twisted into a malicious mask of arrogance. “Our king says this must happen or the pact is broken and we leave you to try to win this war on your own.”

P.S.: This is the 11th Chapter of EASTER BUNNY APOCALYPSE. Here are other Chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, and Chapter 10. Are you still breathing? Well then, Chapter 12 will be published tomorrow.

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