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And we continue with the hair-raising... err, fur-raising story of Easter Bunny Apocalypse that will happen on Easter, March 31st! 20 writers were gracious enough to give you heads up and teach you how to stock up on carrots and such, in case you want to survive. Chapter 12 will tell you. (Read how it started here.)

Please welcome our 12th author, Kai Kiriyama, (aka @thekiriyamaheir). Kai is a time-traveling demon-hunter most of the time and an over-caffeinated writer the rest of the time. She writes a little bit of everything and swears that there's not enough hours in the day, even with time-travel! You can usually find her drinking coffee and sneaking comics when she's supposed to be writing.

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Chapter 12 by Kai Kiriyama 

Peter awoke with a start. He was in a bed made from an old shoe box and covered in a fluffy baby blanket. He smelled faintly of lilac shampoo and his wounds had been dressed. He blinked his huge, brown, doe-like eyes in confusion. It was dark. So, so dark.

A noise from outside.


Peter would have thumped in fear, but he was so tired.

The light.

A door opened in front of him and he realized that he was hidden in a closet.

“Hey, little buddy. Been a while, hasn't it? You hungry?”

A bowl of greens was placed in front of him and Peter wiggled forward to nibble at the offering. He knew he was safe now; Malcolm had saved him. He closed his eyes as memories flashed across the insides of his eyelids.

The smell had been nauseating. He'd managed to get twenty-three marshmallows shoved in his mouth before he began to choke and retch. He'd vomited. He hadn't been ashamed, but the Peeps King had been furious. The beating had been worth it. Then, he had hopped as fast as he could. He'd gotten lost in those tunnels but he had done as his mother had always taught him: when lost underground, follow the smell of fresh air. He had emerged on a busy street, crawling his way out of a sewer drain and...

“Malcolm,” Peter breathed. “You saved me.”

Malcolm smiled and reached down to pick Peter up. He held his friend close. “Hey, little buddy.”

Peter snuggled against Malcolm's chest for a moment before he noticed the little girl staring at him over Malcom's shoulder. Her eyes were wide with shock.

“You can talk?”

“Yes,” Peter admitted.

“And Peter is gonna tell us exactly what the hell is going on,” Malcolm said firmly.

* * * * *

Peter's explanation took more than an hour and both Malcolm and his sister were horrified at the end of it.

“So, the rabbits are getting revenge on us because...we...are greedy about candy?” Leslie asked.

“Humans are greedy about everything; their gluttony during Easter just finally caused the Easter Bunny to snap,” Peter corrected.

“So how can we stop them?” Malcolm asked. “Apparently we're getting our asses handed to us by bunnies with exploding Easter eggs and poisoned candies.”

Peter had to suppress a giggle at the thought of the highly advanced humans losing to his poorly organized and ultimately less technologically advanced companions. He blinked his big eyes and wrinkled his nose.

“Have you ever heard about the ancient Pagan traditions of Ostara and the legend of Inanna?”

* * * * *

Bruce Donnegan was armed to the teeth. He'd mounted a tank full of his patented rodent poison onto his back. He primed the spray bottle, fully ready to poison every single small furry thing he came into contact with. To hell if it killed all plant life within a ten mile radius and made the soil barren for five years. It didn't hurt humans. At least, no one proved it could.

He stepped out onto the battlefield and screamed in fright. 

P.S.: This is the 12th Chapter of EASTER BUNNY APOCALYPSE. Here are other Chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, and Chapter 11. Of course, you can expect Chapter 13 to be published tomorrow.

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