by Ksenia Anske

We are creeping closer to our sorry furry end. 20 writers are describing to you what will happen on Easter. You can only imagine the horror, it will cause your fur turn green! Chapter 13 is upon us! Oh, how very scary! (Read how it started here.)

Please welcome our 13th author, JLuis Licea, (aka @JLLicea). JLuis is addicted to dark chocolate, but is afraid of the dark. He sometimes smiles, sometimes cries. But he always seems happy. Or maybe he's just drunk. Don't expect normal. He's a writer. (Is that an excuse for his weirdness?)

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Chapter 13 by JLuis Licea 

I was sent to destroy.

A message was sent with an owl—we must destroy this town to tell the humans we are coming. Have they prepared themselves?

Forty-nine of us move forward under the evening sky, hiding behind fences, grass, trees, and the occasional cow. My feet shake as my pad-less paws hold on to the bubblegum gun. I look to my left as twenty other bunnies march straight to the houses ahead. My stomach groans when I think about why I am here.

Will they fight back? Will they understand why our anger has grown so much? Will they understand that this is not revenge, just a reminder that they cannot use and abuse what has been given to them? This is simply a lesson that must be learned the hard way.

An idiot just pulled the trigger on accident and hit a window. I hear the glass break and fall and break some more as it hits the floor.

This is war.

We spread like wild fire, hide, take positions, and aim. We scurry forward, keeping an eye on windows and doors.


A thud. A bump.

A creak. A squeak.

A groan. A moan.

A cry.

One bunny down.

The humans are shooting at us and it’s time for us to return fire. I pull the trigger and a bright-red ball of gum, filled with poison, soars and hits a man on the forehead. He stands still for a moment before tumbling to the ground, humming a muffled sound.

I run behind a barrel as a bullet whistles near my ear, missing me, hitting a weir. My heart bounces and jounces in my chest. I hear the humans scream and sprint toward us. I make a bold move and face them; sixty of them stand tall, like trees, their grins baring ugly, yellowed teeth.

I pull the trigger, holding it tight, and the bubblegum gun begins to kick back. I see rainbows of gumballs arching through the sky. They rain down on the humans and whack them like flies; they crumble and unleash the shadows that would soon devour lives. The shadows grow into colorful clouds of smoke loaded with sticky poison.

The poison fills the air and I'm forced to hold my breath. This is my end. I was sent to destroy and be destroyed. What is a bunny to the world when the world is a bunny to the universe?

The remaining humans emerge from their homes, coughing as they pause to wipe the poison from their faces.

I was sent to destroy.

Our bubblegum guns fire again; when, suddenly, there's a BANG! I glance at the sky and prance, taking a gulp of poisoned air as my eyes dance with pain.

Owls. They dropped a bomb on the town.

I take another gulp of poisoned air; it burns my tongue, my cheeks, my throat, my airways, and my lungs. The poison enters my bloodstream and rushes to my brain. A warm sensation wraps me tenderly before I feel the claws of an owl wrap around my fuzzy body.

We rise before another bomb goes off. And then another. I force myself to look. All I see is fire and colorful, poisoned smoke.

I smile faintly. We had better luck. Because the town has no humans left.

The bigger war begins at dawn.

Too bad I won’t live to see it.

P.S.: This is the 13th Chapter of EASTER BUNNY APOCALYPSE. Here are other Chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12. Of course, if we are still alive, Chapter 14 will be published tomorrow.

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