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Oh, the mind-blowing end to the Easter Bunny Apocalypse is looming, only 4 more Chapters to go! 20 writers are collaborating on this terrible story to let you know what rabbit holes to hide in, when all hell breaks loose. Chapter 16 will make you chew on your whiskers. (Read how it started here.)

Please welcome our 16th author, Lori Lesko, (aka @leskolori). Lori was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Studied Photography for a year at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Traveled the whole way to Arkansas for college. There she graduated with a degree in Psychology and Theatre. She loves to travel and is seen here on a recent trip to Paris and Ireland. Her first book is a Novella called Our Daughters. She also likes to attempt screenplays on the side. 

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Chapter 16 by Lori Lesko

Devastated from losing his daughter, Kit, Sergeant Major Gorse vowed he'd soon seek revenge against the Peeps King. Wait, with who? Gorse couldn't think straight. Everything started to spin.

"No!" he screamed. The Peeps had left Kit's body covered in their acidy, marshmallow gas. Gorse realized it too late and collapsed to the floor, unconscious. Images of his friend, Frank, and Hollywood appeared to him in his delirious state.

Gorse had met Frank in their younger days when Frank had been his young prodigy. But Frank soon abandoned the opportunity for a promising military career in search of Hollywood fame. Though Frank was not an army veteran, he was by no means a feeble force. Frank was exactly the kind of crazy that Gorse needed to execute a west coast attack on innocent civilians. Gorse had contacted Frank with this unique mission opportunity, long before he'd personally gone on his last top-secret mission—Operation POTUS—of which he'd refused to share details, even with Frank.

Gorse had asked him to lead this mission because Frank was already holed up in Tinseltown and could easily lead the troop into battle once it arrived. Frank had first traveled to California to hide in the warrens outside the Hollywood hills when the city was in its prime. However, many years ago, when the floods came and washed away all the greens, Frank had reluctantly pimped himself in order to support his family. Now, Frank was dead set on successfully directing this large, California battalion on its mission: to wreck havoc and amass body count.

Commanding this battalion would be the role of a lifetime. After leaving his pimping ways behind, Frank had taken a job with screenwriter and director Richard Kelly. Frank had poured out his heart and soul, while Mr. Kelly wrote down all of Frank's psychotic thoughts. He was so impressed with Frank and his views about the "End of the World," that he gave him a major role in the now infamous movie, Donnie Darko.

Yes, Frank had predicted the coming apocalypse for some time now. He also knew to stay clear of the Paramount Pictures studio lot, as there were rumors of a Fatal Attraction II sequel in the works. He'd spent many nights hunkered down, shivering in his hole, thinking about how close he'd come to being cast in that deadly movie. It twisted his soul to the dark side just remembering it. He determined that it would be only a matter of time until Glenn Close would soon pay the ultimate price for what she'd done to that helpless bunny. And it would be Frank who led the way.

But first, he had to lead Gorse's mission. He'd received advanced notice about the battalion's arrival, so he'd hopped out to greet Duke Owlington, one of the strongest and most respected owls in town. Duke had brought along a parliament of 250 hefty owls to help Frank execute Gorse's mission—the Chaos Factor.

Though the Chaos Factor would not have either exploding eggs or poisonous candy, it would still be just as deadly. On Gorse's orders, Frank had assembled a troop of 499 other willing bunnies, who now stood in line behind Frank. He turned to Duke Owlington and nodded.

"We are ready now to be lifted. Let the mother fuckers die by their own hands," said Frank, ever so calmly.

"All right then," Duke Owlington replied with a smirk.

With that, all 250 owls lifted up two bunnies apiece and flew off toward airports, malls, grocery stores, and even parking lots scattered around Hollywood. After the owls dropped the bunnies off and flew to higher ground, the bunnies went to work. Each bunny took shelter under parked cars and, one by one, they chewed break plugs and other important wiring. The simple mission was executed brilliantly, with no need to slug along with heavy weapons. Wonderful, satisfying glances were exchanged as the owls returned, picked up their two bunnies, and moved them along to their next target.  

The Chaos Factor went on for hours, even though the battalion knew it had to work quickly. Everyone understood that once the cars began to crash—and the body count began to rise—the humans would devise a way to counteract the terrorism.

As the sun lowered toward the horizon, Frank popped out from under his last car. He was covered in grease from nose to tail. His teeth and gums ached from chewing so many wires, but it was worth it. He knew this mission would kill many humans and Gorse would be pleased.

The next day, Gorse awoke, surrounded by a sea of unfamiliar faces.

P.S.: This is the 16th Chapter of EASTER BUNNY APOCALYPSE. Here are other Chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13, Chapter 14, and Chapter 15. If our fur is still intact, Chapter 17 will be published tomorrow.

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