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The end is imminent! And it's coming tomorrow! 20 writers have embarked on the craziest journey ever, writing 1 flash fiction chain story! Tomorrow the last and the 20th Chapter of Easter Bunny Apocalypse will be published and we will all perish! Today we're getting one step closer to the end with Chapter 19! (Read how it started here.)

Please welcome our 19th author, M.C. O'Neill(aka @MCONeill2). M.C. I writes fantasy/sci-fi/occult books. He not only loves to write, but he love to read (which is probably why he got into writing in the first place). Some of his favorite authors are J.G. Ballard, Many Wade Welllman, Andersen Prunty, and P.K. Dick.

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Chapter 19 by M.C. O'Neill


Light tore through the black expanse of absolute zero. Space was so cold, and so was the judgment she had been ordered to carry out.

She sped toward her target, launched forth from a gilded eternity of warmth and love. As her corona burst through the radioactive broil of the Van Allen Belt, the angel Astarte unfolded from the cocoon her ten wings formed around her body during her hurtle through the void.  Her unfathomable velocity was broken to the horrid pace of twenty times the speed of sound.

Earth approached. With a groggy lift of the lids, she focused her bleary sight to a world on fire. For the longest time she had feared this would happen, and today was the day. She closed her eyes once again before making her final descent and began to pray.

“Easter, I have loved you for ages. During those countless years, I have been appointed as your shepherd and I have done all that I could to serve and protect your kind. So many gifts to you I have bestowed. From me, you have had the unfettered reign to the wonderful bounty my Father had seeded upon the world long before the first of you had ever hopped across its pastures.

“With my own eyes, I now see what horrors you have brought upon this beautiful planet. Instead of healthy, white billows revolving around it, I see only the sickness of green gas. Instead of the verdant tracts of vegetation, I see the scorch of fire and war. Instead of the azure waters of life, I see the rust puddles of death.

“When my sister, Inanna, had informed me of your foul transgressions, I failed to believe her. It’s quite obvious from the damage I see before me that I was not quick enough to respond to her truths. For that, I am sorry.

“I am not only sorry for the earth, but I am also sorry for you, Easter. What infernal forces had given you such terrible free will is still a mystery. But this is not your gift and it is not your time to receive such fruit, if ever. By judging from what you have done to the world, I can see that my Father is just in His anger – and today, you will feel that anger, my dear bunny.

“Never could I hate you, Easter. You have always been my most beloved son. It pains me to do what I must on this day, but there is no other choice before the earth is truly lost.

“Silly rabbit. It was meant for you to live and love amongst the great gifts of nature in blissful idiocy while I maintained the balance for you. Now, you have destroyed that balance and you must be arrested. Permanently.

“As I travel ever closer to you, I can now smell the stink of your sins. The raging fires, the wastewater oceans, and the fogs of poison. You have turned on your happy paradise, and now, I must turn on you.

“My Father has instructed me to deliver a simple message unto you, Easter... ”

P.S.: This is the 19th Chapter of EASTER BUNNY APOCALYPSE. Here are other Chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16, Chapter 17, and Chapter 18. Tomorrow, behold, the last Chapter 20 will be published. 

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